Partition walls have the good property of being removable. We install and supply these walls entirely to the wishes of the client. The client can choose from the many options in which this wall is available. The wall consists of removable parts and can be mounted according to a specific system.

As you can see in the photo, it is a wall in which glass panels can also be processed. These panels are also available in many different sizes and colors. The doors and frames are painted and can therefore also be supplied in any desired color. The walls are ideal for, for example, reorganizing an office. These walls can be placed quickly and without too much clutter and dust.

The advantages of partitions:

the plaster contains a wallpaper layer that can be removed with water.

the wall is removable.

the wall is available according to almost any wish.

the wall is ready-made.

All in all, the system wall is a wall with almost unlimited possibilities. It is a universal system for organizing the most diverse projects. In short, the system wall is economical, functional and straightforward. For simple and practical (office) spaces.